Sigglesthorne Parish Council

Keeping you in touch

Please direct initial enquiries to the Clerk.


Karen Arundel, 31 Bentinck Lane, Sigglesthorne

Councillor Arundel Interests (Click Here)


Peter Chicken, The Manor House, Rise Road, Sigglesthorne, telephone 533720

Councillor Chicken Interests: /Data/Sites/3/media/parishcouncil/registerofinterests/p-chicken.pdf


Philip Hargreaves, Smithy Cottage, Main Street, Sigglesthorne

Councillor Hargreaves Interests (Click Here)


Peter Langley, Marrswood, Church Lane, Sigglesthorne, telephone 534591 (Chair)

Councillor Langley Interests: /Data/Sites/3/media/parishcouncil/registerofinterests/p-langley.pdf


Mrs Judy Palin, 14 Bentick Lane, East Lane, Sigglesthorne

Councillor Palin Interests: (Click Here)


Noel Tomlinson, Orchard House, Main Street, Sigglesthorne (Deputy Chair)

Councillor Tomlinson Interests: /Data/Sites/3/media/parishcouncil/registerofinterests/n-tomlinson.pdf


Clerk to the Council

Christine Lorimer, Stackstones, Old Lane, Sigglesthorne, telephone 536025